Serving You Beyond The Courtroom

Experienced. Successful. Zealous representation.

Personal attention for personal matters

Criminal Law

We handle your case correctly to lessen its impact on your life, safeguard your rights and freedom, and minimize any negative consequences that result. 


If you face these charges, we study your case to ensure evidence against you is legally admissible and consequences, if any, reflect the severity of the offense.

Personal Injury / Civil Litigation

The aftermath of an injury can be overwhelming. Let us make sure you receive fair compensation for your loss. 

Domestic Relations

We have families too. That’s why we handle your case thoroughly – so you can relax and refocus on the important relationships in your life. 

About Mogenson & Branson

When it comes to law firms, bigger is not always better. At Mogenson & Branson, LLC, we’ve developed a teamwork-oriented approach to give you more attention and better representation than you’ll find in larger firms. In each of our practice areas – Criminal Law; DUI, DWI & OWI; Personal Injury and Civil Litigation; and Domestic Relations – our process begins with communication. We take the time to ask questions and get your specific details. We answer your questions. And we cover every aspect of your defense to ensure you understand our process. If we enter the appeals phase we replicate the same thorough process. These steps take time, but we believe attention to every detail is crucial to obtaining a successful outcome for your case.
Mogenson & Branson Staff