Criminal Law

The significance of proper and appropriate representation in criminal cases cannot be overstated when it comes to the protection of your rights and personal freedom. Your freedom should not be a choice left to the whims of the prosecution; our law firm makes sure of that.

Criminal law is a broad classification that includes everything from municipal court traffic infractions to serious felonies. Mogenson & Branson, LLC has substantial and extensive experience handling all criminal matters. Regardless of whether you are charged in Municipal Court, State Court or Federal Court, your case will be handled with the attention, detail and professionalism it deserves. Each case will be examined with thorough attention and defended intelligently, professionally and zealously.

We handle a broad range of cases in:

  • Kansas Muncipal Courts
  • Kansas District Courts
  • Kansas Court of Appeals
  • Kansas Supreme Court
  • United States District Court – Kansas
  • Missouri Municipal Courts
  • Missouri Circuit Courts
  • Missouri Court of Appeals
  • Missouri Supreme Court
  • United States District Court – Western District of Missouri


At Mogenson & Branson, LLC, ensuring the protection of your freedom is as important to us as it is to you. We are proud of our long record in securing the freedom of the innocent and protecting the rights of our clients – be it through a motion to suppress evidence at the beginning of the criminal process or a jury trial toward the end.