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Felony case Dismissed

April 26, 2017

Mogenson & Branson LLC is pleased to report that an improperly filed felony case against one of our clients has been dismissed.

Michael Mogenson was lead counsel on the case that took place in an area District Court.  The case had already been filed when the client met with and provided us the facts surrounding the situation.  Noting several peculiarities in the facts, Mr. Mogenson researched the issues and presented the prosecutor’s office with case law to support a dismissal.  Kudos to the prosecutor’s office for reviewing the issues and correcting what turned out to be a clear mistake, rather than requiring a hearing on the matter and waste the Court’s time with unnecessary litigation.  The State simply sent out office a Notice of Dismissal in the mail.

It is gratifying when we can serve our client to the fullest and avoid having to embarrass either the State or law enforcement for a correctable mistake.